If you are interested in operating a business within Southland Mall we would be pleased to assist you with our specialty-leasing program or you may wish to lease in-line space permanently. The types of space available include pushcarts, kiosks, and temporary in-line spaces for your short term, seasonal or permanent needs. Please fill out the short form below and a representative will respond to you in a timely manner.

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Southeast corner of Elvis Presley Blvd. & Shelby Dr. in Memphis, TN

Mid-south's first regional mall, located near Graceland

Opening Date: 1966

Renovation Date:
1993 & 2004

Site: 48.47 acres

Parking: 3,757 spaces

Total Stores: 60

Mall GLA:
220,984 sq. ft.

Department Stores:
311,703 sq. ft.

Department Stores:
Macy's (148,080 sq. ft.)
Sears (163,623 sq. ft.)

Trade Area (10 mile) (2003):
Population: 435,897
Total Households: 166,890
Avg. Household Inc: $47,982
Median Age: 46.10